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Autumn Jamboree

If your a fan of string bands, gypsy jazz, country ballads then you won't want to miss this night of music.

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Rotary Park is a five piece string band from Calgary Alberta that plays a special brand of harmony driven, alternative bluegrass. The combination of ambient folk music, powerful vocal harmonies and banjo ripping bluegrass brings a unique brand of Canadian music to the table.

The Trundlers  are a four piece ensemble from Halifax that sure know how to groove. They bring together many different musical backgrounds to deliver some high flying Gypsy Jazz. They are Alec Frith (Gypsophilia) on guitar, Jacques Mindreau (OQO, Krasnogorsk) on violin, Jordan Stephens (Casual Smokers) on double bass and Moe Kabbara  on guitar.

With a smoky soulful voice, lonesome songs and hot guitar picking, Tom Terrell will take you with him as he journeys down life's rocky road. 


Jacques Mindreau  brings a unique style of music that combines the violin, vocal and loop pedals to create a beautiful soundscape that needs to be heard to be truly appreciated. 

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