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We are having a Blues Concert and meal that will feature local food from various Cape Breton Restaurants.

Buck Tingley and the Galaxy 500's are a 4 piece Chicago Blues band hailing from Halifax, NS. It's possible that their boogie woogie style will have you up twisting or something else of that sort.

There will about eight participating restaurants from Cape Breton that will be making up various dishes with local ingredients supplied by the Cape Breton Food Hub. 

Tickets are $20, $10 Students .

Food is $10/plate

E-tranfer by clicking on button >>

There will raffle and auction items as well.

Proceeds from the event will go to the Cape Breton Food Hub.

Bite House - Seafood Chowder
Little Rolling Bistro- Moroccan Vegetable Stew
Markland Resort - Lamb Something
Periwinkle Cafe - Hearty vegetable salad (vegan)
Doug's Deli - Famous Beef Chilli

Celtic Country Market- Bread & Rolls 

Ingredients From

Blue Heron Farm - Gardiner Mines
Front Porch Farm - Margaree Forks
Glen Ryan Farm - South West Margaree
Katherine Farm - Roberta
North River Organics - North River
Rural Roots Farm - Margaree Forks 
Thyme For You Farm - Millville
Victoria Co-operative Fisheries - Neil's Harbour

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